Frequently Asked Questions



How Much I Can Earn From This Business?


IN starting, you can earn a lumpsum of ₹10,000/- per week and ₹50,000/- per month through your smartphone. There is no limit  on your earning.





It is far more better than MLM and NETWORK MARKETING . It is a pure Affiliate Marketing. Your earning will be yours only. In Affiliate Marketing, you will earn more than Network Marketing.



What Work I Have To Do Exactly In This Business?


You will buy a digital product and then you can resale it as many times as you want in order to make more money. You can do this easily at home through your Smartphone.



Who Will Be My Target Customers?


Anyone can be your customer in this case, may it be your friends, your family members or near and near ones.



How To Find Buyers?


From Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platform and by generating Leeds.



How To Make Payments?


Your Payment will be Credited Direct in Your Bank Account in 3 To 4 Working Days.



Which Skills Am I Going To Develop From This Platform?


Self-Confidence, listening skills, communication skills, zeal, sales skills and many more.



How To Report An Issue On the Website?


For any other issues, please drop an email to with complete issue details.

Your issue will be entertained immediately.



How To Create New Account?


Click on Menu Icon (Three horizontal lines) present on the top left of the Screen. From the opened menu, click on Login/Register button. Click on Sign Up. Enter your Email Id & Phone No. & Password to register for an account.



How To Take A Course?


After you have purchased the Course or used the access code of the course, Click on the Course image to start the course.

Happy Learning!



I Have Issues With Login, What Should I Do?


You can click on Forgot Password link to reset your password from the login screen. We will send the new password to your registered email address. Try to login with the new password.

If the issue still persists, drop an email to with the issue details.


What Qualifications And Resources Are Required To Start This Online Business?


No, there is no specific qualification for this course. Anyone who has completed  his class 10th, class 12th Or graduation can do this smoothly.



I Am Unable To Access The Course, What Should I Do?


Please check whether you are using the same email, which was used for purchasing/using the access code. Check for the course If the course is still not available, please drop an email to